Sustainable UniTrento is the university's strategy to develop and implement sustainability actions in a wide range of areas throughout the university, including international mobility.

UniTrento has adopted various initiatives to support and promote green practices on the part of students and staff in incoming and outgoing mobility. This is the case not only within the Erasmus+ program but also across all mobility programs at the university in order to try to reduce the impact of personal movement. 

Everyone is asked to play their part within the framework of Sustainable UniTrento through individual actions and behavior. All students and staff within mobility programs can adopt simple Earth-friendly practices and attitudes to help protect the environment. 

Such initiatives within the UniTrento community will be given a high level of visibility.

UniTrento Green Guide for Incoming International Students

The International Relations Division, in synergy with the Green Office, is promoting a series of activities addressed to international incoming students, such us the UniTrento Green Guide, in order to raise awareness on the importance of adopting sustainable behaviours to reduce impact on their host city. In doing so they also contribute to the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda and EU values.

application/pdfUniTrento Green Guide(PDF | 4 MB)

Before leaving - Plan your international GREEN mobility in time

GREEN international mobility tips!

When travelling please consider the following:
1. Can your activity can be done online?
2. Is your train travel time 8 hours or less? If so, we strongly recommend you take the train.
3. Is your plane trip really necessary?
4. Are you aware of your international mobility footprint?

5. Choose the greener travel option.                                                                                                                               

Measuring your carbon footprint

You can calculate the direct CO₂ impact of your trip easily by yourself. The following tools are easy to use.

Just fill in the required information and the calculations are done on the spot!

Green Travel

If you are a student (Erasmus+ Europe) and you choose to reach your destination and return home using a means of transport that emits less CO₂ than a plane, such as a train or bus, you can receive a grant called the Green Travel Top-Up. The grant consists of €50 added to the original individual amount and is only valid for round-trip travel.

During your mobility period

Please check out all the major initiatives throughout the Province of Trento.

Getting around

Free circulation pass for in-town and out-of-town public transportation. "Free circulation" is the pass with a special rate for students (including PhD) at the University of Trento.

"Bike sharing Trentino e.motion" is an environmentally friendly public transport service commissioned by the Province of Trento which encourages the use of public bicycles, including electric pedal-assisted bikes.

Trento Smart City” is a project that aims to improve the quality of life in Trento while preserving the city’s heritage and unique features.

Sustainable eating

Opt for locally produced, seasonal and organic food. Farmers markets are a great way to support local farms. In Trento there are two markets that offer a wide range of products from the Trentino area, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, animal products with organic options.

The “Eco-ristorazione Trentino” project aims at mitigating environmental impact and reducing air and water pollution, as well as being mindful of water and energy consumption and waste production which are connected to restaurant and catering services.

Make sustainable choices

Choose sustainable alternatives to replace disposable products. Buy fair trade foods to support improving the working conditions of farmers and hold farms accountable for the environmental standards they must comply with.

Get involved

Join an online challenge to take action and contribute to the solutions to global warming. You can also help by getting involved in local environmental projects. Furthermore, supporting these initiatives shows respect for your hosts and helps you integrate into the local community.

Participate in awareness initiatives 

Your awareness of environmental issues and the importance of adopting sustainable behaviors to reduce impact on the host city can be more powerful than you realize.

Green free time

Participate to our initiatives to disseminate the Green theme among your friends and promote sustainable behaviors to minimize environmental impact during mobility. It can be a great way to build connections which will enrich your learning abroad experience.

After your mobility period

Be proactive and become green ambassador!

Studying abroad can develop many valuable skills that can’t easily be taught in the classroom. Your mobility experience can facilitate a deeper understanding of how different perspectives and cultures shape policy and decision-making. It also strengthens communication skills and helps to build empathy for people in other countries through the friends and connections you make.
Once again, your awareness of environmental issues can be more powerful than you realise and by participating in our awareness initiatives you can become a green ambassador!


Discover our initiatives and events! 

Next Events

1 - UniTrento #ErasmusDays: back in October! - Make your mobility green

Special welcome to international students 


application/pdfErasmus Days Programme - 15 October 2022(PDF | 185 KB)

Concluded Events

2 - Make your mobility period in Trento more environmentally friendly!    
3 - Water sport event at the lake 

With teams consisting of both staff and students, during the International Staff Week from June 12th-17th, 2022 we have worked on proposing solutions for a range of issues regarding sustainability at UniTrento.

application/pdf11 December - Civic Museum of Rovereto(PDF | 209 KB)
application/pdf2 April - Civic Museum of Rovereto(PDF | 149 KB)
application/pdf17 June - Water sports event at the lake(PDF | 1 MB)