UniTrento is part of national university network focused on development cooperation and related themes. These networks are promoted by the CRUI - Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities.
Since 2020, the University of Trento has been coordinator of the CUCS (University Coordination for Development Cooperation) which aims to strengthen the synergies among universities engaged in development cooperation, as well as promote dialogue between academia, civil society and institutions. CUCS aims to broaden intervention planning capacities and to spread the culture of cooperation and development as a sort of Third Millennium Civic Education.


Scholars at Risk is an international network of institutions and individuals with a mission to protect students and promote academic freedom. The University of Trento has been part of the Scholars at Risk - Italy network since 2019, and is part of the national coordination together with the University of Padua. The network promotes joint initiatives to protect scholars at risk and academic freedom in general through hospitality, awareness-raising, research and advocacy activities. The goal is to join forces to support those who no longer have the opportunity to do research and teach in their own country due to threats, intimidation, arrests and violations of fundamental human rights.


Promoted by the CRUI - Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities since July 2015, the RUS – University Network for Sustainable Development is the first experience of coordination and sharing among all Italian universities involved in issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

CCI – Center for International Cooperation

On a territorial level, the University of Trento is a founding member of the CCI - Center for International Cooperation, a non-profit and independent association engaged in the analysis, training and raising awareness on the issues of international cooperation, European affairs, peace and human rights. 
The University of Trento is also home to student associations (or local branches of international associations) for which international cooperation for sustainable development is an integral part or in any case relevant to its mission.

Engineers Without Borders – Trento 

Engineers Without Borders aims to create a common project space in the northern and southern hemispheres of the world in order to develop, implement and disseminate engineering practices and techniques capable of favoring the full realization of all individuals and human communities.

There are also student associations that focus on themes of cooperation and sustainable development, such as AIESEC which offers internships and volunteering experiences abroad, as well as ESN that helps Erasmus students adapt to life in Trentino by organizing social events.


Enactus Italy was founded in 2016 as part of Enactus. The mission of Enactus Italy is to engage with the next generation of business leaders and promote the use of innovation and business principles to improve the world.