UNITrento Sport

The University of Trento promotes the sport practise through UniTrento Sport, the sport network born from the University of Trento, Opera Universitaria and the collaboration with CUS-Trento with the goal to unite in a single network services, structures and programs.

Programs for athlete-student

The University of Trento is adhering to the european network EAS - the Dual Career Network - which, since 2004, coordinates and promotes the collaboration between European universities and  organisations supporting dual career programs for athlete-students.

Born in 2011, the program TOPSport represents one of the first experiment at the national level in the area of dual career by providing a support service, tutoring and educational flexibility for the high level athletes who have a desire to balance their academic and sport careers, as it recognises the priority of combining professional sport activities and university education.

In addition to TOPSport, the UNI.Sport network offers also the UNI.Team program, aimed at students pursuing specific sport disciplines at the professional level and willing to continue their sport career with the colours of UNITrento Sport - C.U.S. Trento.

Events organized by the University of Trento:

26th Winter Universiade and  International Conference

In the context of the 26th Winter Universiade “Trentino 2013”,  the international and interdisciplinary conference University Sport: Inspiring Innovation, organised by FISU and the University of Trento,  took place on  9-10 December 2013.
The objective of the conference was to develop,  through a world-class forum of world-class experts,  a shared vision of the social and economic value of sport, as source of inspiration for interdisciplinary research and innovation, in different sectors.

During the Conference, on 10 December 2013, the alliance sport-university-innovation was formalized with the signing of the International S-Mart Trentino 2013 Declaration on Sport and University for Innovation which recognizes  a new concept of sport, as a driving engine for development, research and education.

The University of Trento, as one of the first signatories of the Declaration, confirms the ambitious commitment to promote the cross-cutting dimension of sport between university, political, business and sports stakeholders, by supporting and coordinating current and future initiatives or encouraging the development of new ideas on sport, at national and international level.