The process of drafting the strategic plan

The University’s objectives in terms of improvement and development are outlined in its multi-year Strategic Plan, as established by its Charter.
The Strategic Plan therefore is the document that illustrates the University’s strategies for the coming five-year term, describing the guidelines and strategic objectives that will direct the decisions of its departments, centres and organizational units.
The plan was drafted in a collective and participatory approach, after a period of strategic planning that involved the whole university community and will continue to keep it involved.

From participatory consultation to the adoption of the strategic plan

May - June 2016

Beginning of participatory consultation.
Brainstorming between the members of the Academic Senate and the Council of Department and Centre Directors. Examination of the points of weakness from the previous Strategic Plan and the results that have already been achieved. Discussion of the potential for improvement in the medium and long term. Identification of strategic issues that need to be tackled.

July 2016

Definition of general criteria and guidelines.
Official adoption of the general criteria by the Board of Directors, and definition of the financial constraints of the new Strategic Plan

August - December 2016

Circulation of the plan for a participatory drafting process.
Creation of a first document: “Vision and general objectives”. Discussion and re-organization of the document among the University’s governing bodies (Board of Directors, Academic Senate, Council of Directors and Evaluation Group) and the managing staff, the Quality Assurance Committee, the Committee of Technical and Administrative Staff, and the Student Council.
Presentation of the document to the whole university community in a public meeting

January 2017

Alignment of the plan to the Integrated Plan and launch of the call for strategic projects.
Approval of the Integrated Plan, which specifies the operational and management plans of departments and centres (Improvement Plans) in terms of quality assurance processes and strategic priorities for 2017-2019. Launch of the call for strategic projects

February-March 2017

Alignment of the plan to the plans of departments and centres, and selection of strategic projects: interdepartmental workshops, teaching and learning projects and cross-sector actions.
Selection of 35 strategic projects and identification of the operational priority actions within the plans of departments and centres

May - September 2017

Assessment of proposals in terms of economic feasibility.
Approval of the general outline of the Strategic Plan and of the details of strategic projects (interdepartmental workshops, teaching and learning projects and cross-sector actions). The Academic Senate assesses the economic feasibility of the selected strategic projects and of the actions listed in the departments and centres’ improvement plans

September - October 2017

Approval and adoption of the Strategic Plan.
Adoption of the Strategic Plan by the Academic Senate. Definition of the financial constraints of the Strategic Plan and approval by the Board of Directors