The University of Trento, together with other universities and research centres in Italy and abroad, has a leadership role in a number of research fields. The University’s most interesting collaborations are taking place in the following areas, which are outlined in the Strategic Plan:

  • the area of space research (TSC - Trento Space Center, Laboratorio interdipartimentale di scienze e tecnologie spaziali), which is the basis of an important research co-funding agreement with the Italian Space Agency;
  • the area of quantum technologies, as mentioned above, (Q@TN - Quantum Science and Technologies in Trento), which is the basis of an agreement with FBK and CNR to create a shared laboratory on this subject;
  • the BRANDY project (BRAin Network DYnamics Brain Network Dynamics) which, by including Trento in an international network, represents a key element of the collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

These initiatives join those that are already established: the Trento Institute for Fundamental  Physics Applications (TIFPA), which also involves the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics, FBK and the Provincial Healthcare Services; and the agreement with Fondazione Edmund Mach, which led to the foundation of the Center for Agriculture, Food and Environment (C3A-CAFE) with the opening of the degree in Viticulture and Oenology.

Strategic projects

TSC: Trento Space Center - Laboratorio interdipartimentale di scienze e tecnologie spaziali

(Interdepartmental area for space sciences and technologies)

The project aims to create a common space, from an organizational and scientific point of view, for all activities in the field of space science and technology in order to share the skills and knowledge competences of the various research groups. This will increase the University’s visibility in the space sector and intensify the already strong visibility of individual research groups and their collaborations with other local research institutions in the space sector.

Q@TN - Quantum at Trento


The purpose of the project is to coordinate research and higher education in the area of Quantum Science and Technology. It also aims to create an inter-institutional centre on QST of European significance and a technology transfer laboratory that can become a national point of reference in the field, in collaboration with CNR.
Within the project, new education and training programmes will be designed to develop QST researchers and professionals.

BRANDY - Brain Network Dynamics


The objective of the project is to create a strategic unit to promote and increase cross-sector education and research in neural and neuromorphic network dynamics, two crucial topics for the development of the brain sciences and artificial intelligence.
Research within the project will be carried out in synergy with other research institutions working in the field, thanks to long-term cooperation agreements which could lead to the creation of a medium-long term infrastructure.

Documents are available in Italian.

Progetti che agiscono come motore di sviluppo della ricerca di grande qualità
Progetti che agiscono come motore di sviluppo della ricerca di grande qualità