The University is first and foremost a community of motivated people who pursue their mission and, in doing this, contribute to the quality of its activities. Recruiting and making the most of talented people is of strategic importance for the University of Trento, because these people have a positive impact on future generations and local development.

Foster a community of free, independent and responsible researchers

To grow and to generate knowledge, the university needs free, independent, responsible and motivated researchers.
As a knowledge community, the University aims to be a horizontal and egalitarian institution. Within this horizontal dimension, it is of fundamental importance that departments and centres do their best (through leadership, teaching record, scientific initiatives, and mentoring) to stimulate, enhance and reward the capabilities of young researchers to give their personal contribution. At every level of assessment and selection, it is crucial to take into account not only the quality of results achieved by researchers (which remains a key parameter) but also the variety of research networks of which they are part, their publications as single authors or with a range of different co-authors, their ability to secure competitive projects individually or as part of diverse research groups, and the quality of their external relations.

The strategic projects GIOVANI and FORMID aim to fulfil this objective, respectively, by encouraging the independence of young researchers in competitive research calls, and by promoting training programmes for teaching staff.

Increase the wellbeing of university of trento staff

The people who work in Departments and Centres, organizational units and the University language centre have played a key role in the development and growth of the University of Trento. They offer precious resources that deserve to be praised: services offered to students, visiting staff and researchers; the research capacity of well-equipped and well-run laboratories, and the competencies of technical and administrative staff. In spite of national constrictions, in recent years the University of Trento has managed to start a process which will gradually introduce an incentivisation scheme for the results achieved and for individual contributions to the achievement of said results.
The University aims to continue on its path to correcting gender imbalances and to improving its policies for parenthood and the conciliation of work and family life, including supporting dual career couples (in compliance with national legislation), improving information dissemination and internal communication, ensuring an increased and target-oriented organizational flexibility, and facilitating contractual agreements suitable for technical and administrative staff and language experts.

The activities included in the Plan for positive action, together with those of the UN- IS and CSG projects, will help achieve this objective, in particular as regards inclusion, diversity and respect for gender differences.

Attract talented people

The University’s ability to attract talented people is an essential element in the assessment of the potential of young researchers and the recruitment of permanent staff. The University values prior experience in other settings, in which researchers have established an independent career. For some, Trento represents a step on their educational path, and in this case it is fundamental that the University offers a prestigious experience where they can develop experience that will make their CV stand out when moving on to other institutions. The same principles of freedom, independence and responsibility also apply to PhD students.

Given these objectives, and in line with the development of its strategy, the University has adopted an incentivisation scheme to attract qualified researchers from abroad. It will provide academic departments and centres with a 50% and a 35% funding to recruit, respectively, researchers from abroad and non-UniTrento researchers from Italy. Also, the University provides a further 30% funding for the recruitment of researchers who have been awarded an ERC grant or other high-profile research grant, and ensures the advancement of ERC holders who are already employed at UniTrento with no additional cost for departments and centres.