One of Italy’s top universities for the quality of teaching and research, at the centre of civic life in Trentino.
The University of Trento: a European University, in Italy


The University believes that research must move forward the frontiers of knowledge, innovation and experimentation, in all areas of study.
In the current scientific research environment, this nearly always requires a high level of internationalization, as well as the ability to integrate a wide range of specialist competencies to tackle research problems.


The University of Trento believes that university teaching should enable its students to learn and practice the scientific method, which they will be able to apply in different contexts in their future lives. This method and the cross-sector skills that are required in order to use it efficiently are at the centre of university experience and are the best instruments that students can acquire to actively and consciously participate in civic life and the world of work.

Civic development

The University of Trento aims to contribute to the cultural, economic and social development of the communities of which it is part, through the dissemination of practices like informed debate and critical reflection and through the creation of structural partnerships (Third mission).


In the pursuit of its academic mission, the University is committed to supporting talent by facilitating the growth of its community of students, its staff and the communities and organizations to which it belongs.