The research policy of the University of Trento is based on few key principles.
The first is the recruitment of highly-qualified, proactive, enthusiastic, young researchers able to develop, also thanks to the support of the University, both fundamental and ground-braking research areas.
We then foster networking among researchers and external partners through dedicated staff and facilities supporting the organization of meetings, conferences and other hosting programs; the establishment and consolidation of research collaborations facilitates a continuous improvement in the participation in European and international funding programmes. 
Lastly, we pay great attention to the organizational structure for research support which is continuously redesigned in order to better help researchers during  the entire grant process, from project development and submission to grant management and reporting. 

As a result, UniTrento is the first among leading State universities in Italy for research quality (as stated by the National Agency for Research Evaluation, ANVUR report – Agenzia Nazionale di Valutazione del Sistema Universitario e della Ricerca for the period 2011-2014); Trento is also listed in the 351-400 group of the the best world class universities according to the World University Ranking 2022 issued by the Times Higher Education magazine.

UniTrento research can be powerfully illustrated through the list of the research topics of our 31 ERC projects (15 under Horizon 2020 and 16 funded under FP7); the main goal of the ERC program is to encourage high quality research in Europe through a very selective and competitive evaluation based on the single criterion of scientific excellence. 

Horizon 2020

ERC Starting Grants

6 projects: 3 projects  in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain, 1 project in the Life Sciences domain and 2 projects in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain

ERC Starting Grants

1 progetto nell'ambito delle Scienze della Vita

ERC Advanced Grants

3 progetti: 1 progetto nell'ambito delle Scienze Fisiche e Ingegneria,  1 progetto nell'ambito delle Scienze della Vita e 1 progetto nell'ambito delle Scienze umanistiche e sociali

ERC Proof of Concept Grants

5 progetti: 2 progetti nell'ambito delle Scienze fisiche e Ingegneria e 3 progetti nell'ambito delle Scienze della Vita


ERC Starting Grants

8 projects: 2 in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain and 6 in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain

ERC Consolidator Grants

1 project in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain

ERC Advanced Grants

5 projects: 1 in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain, 3 projects in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain and 1 project in the Life Science domain

ERC Proof of Concept

2 projects in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain