Since 2007, UniTrento has been involved in 34 ERC projects (9 in Horizon Europe, 11 in H2020 and 14 in FP7); the main goal of the ERC program is to encourage high quality research in Europe through a very selective and competitive evaluation based on the single criterion of scientific excellence

UniTrento is also Host Institution of 7 ERC - Proof of Concept projects (5 in H2020 and 2 in FP7) aiming at enabling ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced or Synergy funded projects ideas to progress on the path from ground-breaking research towards innovation.
(data source: FT Portal last update 2/2/2024).

Horizon Europe

ERC Starting Grants

1 project in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain.

  • Giulia Giordano - Department of Industrial Engineering
    Project: INSPIRE - Integrated Structural and Probabilistic Approaches for Biological and Epidemiological Systems

ERC Consolidator Grants

5 projects: 3 projects in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain, 1 project in the Life Sciences domain, 1 project in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain

  • Roberto Bottini - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CiMEC) 
    Project: ATCOM - An Attentional Code for Memory
  • Moris Triventi - Department of Sociology and social research
    Project: EDUPOL - Education policies that work: A context-sensitive ‘big data’ approach (transferred)
  • Diego Misseroni - Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical engineering
    Project: S-FOAM - Self-Foldable Origami-Architected Metamaterials
  • Elena Franchi - Department of Humanities
    Project: FeBo - Federalism and Border Management in Greek Antiquity
  • Nicola Segata - Department CIBIO
    Project: microTOUCH - Transmission of the human microbiome and its impact on health  

ERC Advanced Grants

3 projects: 2 projects in the Physical Sciences and Engineering domain, 1 project in the Social Sciences and Humanities domain

  • Davide Bigoni - Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical engineering
    Project: Beyond - Beyond hyperelasticity: a virgin land of extreme materials
  • Matteo Calandra Buonaura - Department of Physics
    Project: DELIGHT- Discovering light-induced phases by first-principles material design
  • Francesco Zimei - Department of Humanities
    Project: LAUDARE - The Italian Lauda: Disseminating Poetry and Concepts Through Melody (12th-16th centuries)