The institutional repository of scientific publications of the University of Trento

IRIS is the institutional repository of publications and other research outputs of the University of Trento. It constitutes the single point of entry of strategic information for all internal and external research processes, including those for the evaluation and monitoring of research (VQR, ASN, PRIN, doctoral accreditation, career progressions, outputs of EU-funded research projects and other obligations regarding open access publication, etc.). The service is managed by the Research Outputs Office

How to publish in open access

IRIS allows to fulfil the obligations signed with the funding bodies of the research projects for the deposit and open access dissemination of scientific publications.

For information about the vouchers and discounts for open access publication available for university members, consult the dedicated page

The TESEO platform hosts scientific journals and book collections published by the University of Trento (Italy) according to the principles of open access. The service is managed by the Scientific Publications Office