The University of Trento fosters technical-scientific results transfer and valorisation to market and society. 
The Office for Valorization and Impact of Research provides advice and services to researchers in each step of the valorization process: 

  • analysis of research results commercial potential and IPR instruments of protection: patents, copyrights (software) or trade secret;
  • business plan development for the creation of academic start-ups, University involvement/participation and working spaces request; 
  • management of applied research project results and consortium agreement negotiation in Horizon Europe; 
  • analysis of collaborative research contracts and non-disclosure agreements and negotiations of patent license agreements  with industry; 
  • fostering an entrepreneurial and IPR mindset among researchers , phd and students aiming at promoting the creation of new enterprises, also by mean of training initiatives such as "Crash Course on protection and valorisation of Intellectual Property".
  • support and information on funding opportunities for start-ups.