UniTrento researchers may develop patentable inventions within the scope their work on university time or within an externally funded project or contract.
The new inventions are mainly realized in the fields of engineering, information science and biology.
Many patents/patent applications belong to local, national or international  enterprises which exploit patented  technologies on the market.

The Italian Industrial Property Code (Legislative Decree No. 30/2005) establishes that patentable invention ownership may be attributed to the university or the researcher himself, or to the enterprise.
UniTrento IP Regulation aims to support the valorization process of research results.

The UniTrento Intellectual Property Regulation and the document "Diagrammi esplicativi" are available at the following page:

Please see Unitrento IP Portfolio (in Italian) for more details on University intangible assets.

application/pdfPortafoglio titoli PI UniTrento(PDF | 230 KB)

The availability for licensing or assignment of the patent is specified in each single sheet. For the presentation of any expression of interest, please see the information available on the web page Cessione/licenza titoli di UniTrento (in Italian).

For further information please visit the Knowledgeshare portal in the section dedicated to UniTrento patents/patent applications. The portal makes available, in a clear and understandable way, information related to patents and technologies of the Italian Universities and Research Centers.