Culture, training and research are the three key sectors for the development of  society, recognized as joint objective by the representatives of the Euregio regions (Tyrol -South Tyrol - Trentino).

In the framework of the cooperation among the Universities of Trento, Bolzano and Innsbruck five calls has been published for high-quality research projects based on the cooperation among different institutions based in EUREGIO territory. 

The main evaluation criterion of the call will be the excellence of the curriculum of the coordinating researchers (number, quality, independence, peer review and international standing of publications) and, with a further focus on the composition of the consortium, highly integrated trilateral collaborations will be rewarded.

The calls are based on a a bottom-up approach: researchers will choose autonomously their research topic.

EUREGIO projects at UniTrento: 

  • NeuroTrain: Neurocognition of arithmetic (re-)learning - Manuela Piazza - CIMEC
  • Investigating the surface energy balance over mountain areas (INTERFACE) - Lorenzo Giovannini -Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
  • Social Impact of Collective Ownership in the Alpine Areas - Ericka Costa - Department of Economics and Management
  • Open-ended Learning for Interactive robots - Niculae Sebe - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
  • Atmosferic Boundary-layer modelling over complex terrain - Lorenzo Giovannini - Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
  • Siderophore-iron uptake in E. amylovora and A. fumigatus - Sheref Samir Mansy - CIBIO
  • Roles and targeting of RIOK1 in resistant prostate cancer - Peter Arthur Irene De Wulf - CIBIO
  • CRYOMON- SciPro: Improve the Science of Processes within the Cryosphere by Integrating Hydrological Modelling with Remote Sensing in a Multi-Level Data Fusion Approach - a Contribution to Cryosphere Monitoring in the EUREGIO Region - Lorenzo Bruzzone - Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
  • The law of close corporations: A View from the Euregio - Elisabetta Pederzini - Faculty of Law