The evaluation of research is one of the most important institutional tasks of the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes - ANVUR, which it carries out through:

  • an Assessment of Research Quality – VQR; 
  • the AVA system for the Accreditation, Self-Evaluation and periodic Assessment of Italian Universities (under Ministerial Decree no. 6/2019), which bases its evaluation of research on information taken from the Annual Department Research Summaries (SUA-RD).

The purpose of the Research Quality Assessment (VQR) is to formulate an evaluation of research outputs.
In 2011 ANVUR completed the first evaluation exercise, which examined research outputs achieved between 2004 and 2010. 
The call to participate in the second exercise, concerning the 2011 - 2014 term, was launched in 2015.
The third call concerns 2015-2019 term with data collection in 2020. 

SUA-RDs contain the information and data necessary to perform an evaluation of research in the AVA system both in terms of periodic accreditation of universities (and, therefore, evaluation of their quality assurance system) and annual verification of research outputs for the purposes of periodic evaluation.
SUA-RDs part 3 contains information on universities' Third mission and Public Engagement.   

Together with the launch of the new VQR call for 2011-2014 ANVUR, CRUI and CINECA have promoted the I.R.ID.E project (Italian Research Identifier for Evaluation) whose purpose is to give a persistent ORCID identifier (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) to all those involved in research.