The call to take part in the "2011-2014 Research Quality Assessment (VQR 2011-2014)" has been published following Ministerial Decree no. 458 of 27 June 2015 "Guidelines for Research Quality Assessment (VQR) 2011-2014”.

Assessment object and time frame: research outputs achieved in the 4-year term 2011-2014.

The assessment considers 16 “subject areas” (disciplinary areas and academic fields) identified by the National University Council (CUN).

The evaluation of each research area will be made by a Group of Evaluation Experts (GEV) appointed by ANVUR’s steering committee; the results will be grouped per institution and departments.

VQR 2011-2014 deadlines:

  1. Validation of Departments/Centers under law 240/2010: 15 September 2015
  2. Accreditation of researchers (delivery of ORCID ID): 10 December 2015
  3. Turnover: 10 December 2015
  4. Submission of research outputs: 14 March 2016 (new opportunity: 4-15 April 2016)
  5. Assessment of PhD students and postdoctoral fellows: 6 May 2016
  6. Other information (funding): 17 June 2016