SUA-RDs (annual reports on department research) contain the information and data necessary to perform an evaluation of research in the AVA system both in terms of periodic accreditation of universities (and, therefore, evaluation of their quality assurance system) and annual verification of research outputs for the purposes of periodic evaluation.

In 2015 ANVUR completed the first evaluation exercise, which examined research outputs achieved between 2011 and 2013. Except for the 2014 SUA-RD “Third mission”, which has already been submitted with the 2011-2014 VQR - research quality assessment, SUA-RDs has currently been suspended.

The legislation currently in force (Ministerial Decree n. 1154/2021) for the "Self-assessment, assessment, initial and periodic accreditation of universities and study programmes" introduced the use of annual reports on department's research and Third Mission/Impact (SUA-RD/TM), as databases of the AVA system. 

To facilitate this task for departments, the Quality Assurance Board of the University of Trento (PQA) has created a template to collect research and Third Mission data annually.