Device for the generation of single photon entangled states

Department/Centre: Department of Physics 
Inventors: Lorenzo Pavesi (UniTrento), Valter Moretti (UniTrento), Sonia Mazzucchi (UniTrento), Davide Pastorello (UniTrento), Matteo Pasini (UniTrento)
Field of use: quantum information; quantum computer; secure communication; certified quantum random number generation; quantum key distribution; cryptography; quantum measurements and quantum sensing; Internet of Things
Keywords: quantum entanglement; quantum optics; quantum Information; quantum key distribution; quantum random number generation 
Bibliographical data: application number: 102020000005521 (Italian filing); priority date: 16/03/2020
Assignees: Università di Trento
Availability: available for license or assignment


This invention consists in an apparatus for the production of photons where each photon is characterized by two entangled degrees of freedom. It consists of a photon source and an entanglement generation stage between two selected states of a single photon. The apparatus can be formed by discrete components or can be fully or partly realized with an integrated optical circuit.