Device for the generation of single photon entangled states

Department/Centre: Department of Physics 
Inventors: Lorenzo Pavesi (UniTrento), Valter Moretti (UniTrento), Sonia Mazzucchi (UniTrento), Davide Pastorello (UniTrento), Matteo Pasini (UniTrento)
Field of use: quantum information; quantum computer; secure communication; certified quantum random number generation; quantum key distribution; cryptography; quantum measurements and quantum sensing; Internet of Things
Keywords: quantum entanglement; quantum optics; quantum Information; quantum key distribution; quantum random number generation 
Bibliographical data: application number: 102020000005521 (Italian filing); priority date: 16/03/2020, PCT/IB2021/051980 (PCT filing)
Assignees: Università di Trento
Availability: available for license or assignment


This invention consists in an apparatus for the production of photons where each photon is characterized by two entangled degrees of freedom. It consists of a photon source and an entanglement generation stage between two selected states of a single photon. The apparatus can be formed by discrete components or can be fully or partly realized with an integrated optical circuit.

Neural network based optical module for transmission-reception

Department/Centre: Department of Physics 
Inventors:  Lorenzo Pavesi (UniTrento), Paolo Bettotti (UniTrento); Mattia Mancinelli (UniTrento).
Field of use: optical communications; signal transmission and recovery; optical networks; optical transponders; Internet of things.
Keywords:  optical communications, neural networks, integrated photonics.
Bibliographical data: application number 102021000011357 (Italian filing). 
Assignees: Università degli Studi di Trento
Availability: available for license or assignment


The photonic integrated device is effective to transmit and recover optical signal. It integrates an optical network able to correct both linear and nonlinear distorsions, avoiding electro-optic conversion steps and working transparently on the optical link.