Refrigerating container

Department/Centre: Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science 
Inventors: Fabio Massacci (UniTrento), Matthias Crichlow Caretta, Francesco Minna, Gabriele Fadini, Yangzhe Kong, Teyi Kung, Riccardo Sparagna
Fields of use: customer device for individual consumption or it can be sold to restaurants
Keywords: ICT Innovation for product design and development
Bibliographical data: application number: 102020000032435 (Italian filing); priority date: 24/12/2020
Assignees: Università di Trento
Availability: available for license or assignment


The invention consists in a thermally isolated container which allows the conservation and refrigeration of a single bottle. Each container has a cooling module that is completely autonomous that allows to set independent temperature for each of the containers. The product is modular, portable and customizable.