Thanks to the agreement stipulated between the University of Trento and the Provincial Health Services Agency (APSS), if you are a student who does not reside in the Province of Trento ("non-resident student")  you can contact a primary assistance for a visit to Trentino.

This operation will not cancel you from the lists of the Health Services Agency of residence.

To benefit from basic medical assistance, your university enrollment must be active for the current academic year.

All those enrolled in a bachelor's, master's degree, single-cycle master's degree and doctorate can benefit from the agreement.

Check the list of primary care doctors who have given their availability to provide assistance free of charge. 

Please choose a doctor and make an appointment.

Available doctors list

Medical assistance and certification to be presented for the visit

For the  visit you must have a sel-certification to be delivered to the doctor in order to access the service without having to pay for the visit.

If you don't go to a listed doctor

If you request the assistance of a doctor not listed on the APSS website, you will not have to present any certificate and the visit will be at your expense (€ 15.00 for the outpatient visit, € 25.00 for the home visit) and you will get the tax receipt issued. 
To obtain reimbursement, you can contact the Health Services Agency to which the doctor who visited you belongs or (only for Italian students)  the Health Services Agency of residence.

If you want to temporarily register with the provincial health services company

If you do not want to benefit from the UniTrento-Apss agreement, you can apply for the temporary registration (minimum for 3 months up to a maximum of 12 months).
In this case you will be temporary removed from from the Health Services Agency of residence and you will not be able to contact your doctors in your region of residence.

If you are not a resident of Italy

If you are a EU student, you will find information relating the Health insurance for Eu students at this link

If you are a non-EU student, you will find information relating the Health insurance for non-Eu students at this link