The Trento Student Law Review (ISSN 2612-4874) is an open access, international law journal, entirely run and edited by students. It was founded in 2017 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento. 

The biannual journal is inspired by the comparative approach that runs in the department. The journal publishes articles in Italian and in English to promote research, discussion and the exchange of views in the area of law, while encouraging an interdisciplinary perspective capable of actively engaging students and scholars in contemporary law.

The publications are first examined by two senior editors and then follow a double blind peer review process.

The editorial office is made up of managing, associate and visiting editors who are selected at the beginning of every academic year from among the University’s students. An editorial board made up of professors, researchers and law professionals assists the editorial office providing advice.

Why become an editor?
To be an editor of the Law Review you must have good writing skills and an eye for the legal language. Working at the journal can be an opportunity to show your strong work ethics and your editing abilities, which are essential in the legal sector regardless of your career ambitions. These however are qualities and skills that employers recognize and look for, so participating in the Law Review can be an experience worth mentioning in job interviews. Student-run law reviews are not many in Italy but they are a well established tradition in the international legal environment, where law firms consider experience in this sector as an asset.