Starting Finance is the largest Italian community of finance enthusiasts, which explores major economic and financial issues with a modern and rigorous language, beyond the "traditional" barriers that restrict access to the fascinating world of finance. 

Starting Finance Clubs are university associations that have been established in many Italian universities. The Clubs are meeting places for all young students with a passion for finance and economics.

Students participate in the association's initiatives creating a community of people who share common objectives:

  • be part of a university association and represent it in a network;
  • learn, share and discuss subjects in the area of business, finance and beyond;
  • bring together people who are distant but have common perspectives, creating relationships;
  • test the skills, academic and otherwise, useful for work;
  • carry out practical activities, in teams and individually, developing useful soft skills;
  • bring testimonies from the world of work to universities;
  • demonstrate to the community and to themselves their potential.