About us

Ingegneria Senza Frontiere (Engineering Without Borders) Trento is a charitable organization that aims to promote collaboration between developed and developing countries to design, implement and disseminate engineering practices and techniques for individuals and communities. We are not just engineers. To generate change, we need different skills and people from different backgrounds (that is why we call ourselves "Engineering" and not "Engineers" Without Borders!).

Technology surrounds today's world and produces change. We want technology that truly serves the human development of communities. Development must go beyond economics and, to be human and sustainable, it must not exacerbate existing conflicts and social tensions, avoid marginalization and work for the benefit of all.

In our view, technology must be used to improve the well-being of human beings and the environment, stimulating collaboration and participation.

To do this, technicians must be are able to understand the contexts in which they operate, to talk with local communities and to design accordingly.

What we do

At the local level, ISF Trento is mainly active in the university world, where it seeks to enrich academic education with its principles. The goals of the organization include education, training and awareness raising on environmental issues and sustainability.

The “Autocostruiamoci!” course (do it yourself solar oven) "Free maps for a Free World" course (web GIS local maps), were examples of awareness raising initiatives in Trentino.

At national and international level ISF Trento promotes development cooperation projects with local communities. In Madagascar, for example, a participatory decision-making process made it possible to build sanitation services to respond to serious environmental and health issues in a neighbourhood of the city of Mahajanga. In Krajevo Serbia, in collaboration with ISF Torino and Trentino con i Balcani onlus, ISF has organized a summer camp on waste management in collaboration with the Serbian association Positivna Omladina (Positive Youth), involving kids and young people of different age groups in awareness-raising activities.


The national network of ISF Italia, founded in 2012, consists of almost twenty sections scattered throughout Italy sharing the Charter of Principles and some common projects. Their goal is to stimulate discussion on issues of national importance in order to have a greater impact on society.


ISF Trento