The University Guild offers more than 1,500 beds to students who do not come from Trento. They are arranged in collective students halls or flats, located in areas easy to reach from the university premises.  
The main criteria to access accommodation are established annually in the relevant Call for selection. These criteria evaluate:

  • economic situation;
  • family composition;
  • merit criteria (from the second year on).

More information on the website of the University Guild

As an alternative, you can browse specialized websites dedicated to accommodation search, or weekly magazines of ads regarding Trento (at your tobacconist’s), or the showcases located in the various university premises, where everyone can place their ad to search for or offer accommodation.


Are you planning to go abroad or are you planning to come to Trento (or Rovereto) for a study period? Browse the website of HousingAnywhere,the international network for temporary accommodation search for students.