Student associations are essential to University life: they represent the student community and organize social, cultural and sporting events.

Through associations, the students of the University meet and involve other students in university life and in the activities of departments and centres.

Associations provide a space for socialization while also giving students an opportunity to deepen their interests (cinema, theatre, music, visual arts, writing, poetry and many more) and share them with the community through a wide range of initiatives.

By joining an association, students have the opportunity to develop their soft skills, which are in high demand on the labour market, and to update their CV with new experiences.

The University of Trento supports student associations providing spaces, funding and communication channels..

Below are the recognized student associations for 2022:

Recognition of Student Associations 

Student associations must be recognized by the University to have access to benefits granted by the University itself and by Opera Universitaria, which include the use of rooms and other spaces and access to funding for cultural, education, sport initiatives etc.

Use of university rooms and spaces 

Student organizations can have access to University rooms and spaces, subject to availability. Requests to use rooms and spaces must be submitted year by year. If an organization that has been granted the use of a location does not renew its request, it is assumed that it does not need it anymore. Student organizations can submit a joint application to use the same room or space. If the authorization is granted, they will share the use of the location. 

The Recognition application and the Request to use University rooms and spaces must be submitted on line by the President or the legal representative of the Student association by 30 November of each year.​

Allocation of financial resources

The University of Trento and Opera Universitaria provide funding for cultural and social initiatives proposed by students - in particular in the area of cinema, theatre, music, visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.), fiction and poetry, publishing - that will take place during the year.
Student associations can apply for and receive two distinct types of funding:

  1. annual contributions;
  2. specific funding for an event/project.

Applications for annual contributions must be submitted to Opera Universitaria by the legal representative of the organization or by a delegate by 30 November of each year, to receive funding for the following year. This term does not apply to organizations applying for the first time. 

Applications to receive specific funding must be submitted to Opera Universitaria by the legal representative of the organization or by a delegate, within these deadlines:

  • 30 November, for initiatives that will take place before the end of the first semester;
  • 31 May, for initiatives that will take place within the second semester.

Applications must be submitted using the forms available on the website of Opera Universitaria.

By way of exception, applications supported by reasonable grounds may be accepted once the deadline has expired when organizations also attach the relevant documents.