HousingAnywhere is a website where students can register, if they are going to spend a period abroad or coming to Italy from abroad, to offer or search accommodation.

The service is based on “House swapping” with other mobility students, facilitating the search of accommodation for short periods and integrating the already existing services.
The website guarantees that students enter into contact with other students only.

The University of Trento has recently become a member of this international network.


For outgoing students

If you are leaving your university city to spend a period abroad and you want to publish your ad to offer the accomodation you are leaving (after obtaining the permission of your landlord), you can register in the website www.housinganywhere.com using your university credentials [nome.cognome [at] studenti.unitn.it if you are a student, nome.cognome [at] unitn.it if you are a PhD student].
You can also look for accommodation in the university city you are going to, selecting your destination.

The service is completly free of charge.

In this way:

  • Students are sure that their room will be free when they come back to their university city of origin, without having to pay a double rent while being abroad.
  • Looking for accommodation is easier, faster and cheaper.
  • The service promotes the intercultural exchange, if students offer flats shared with families of students of the country they are going to stay in.

How does it work?

  • Check your rental contract and ask for the authorization of your landlord to rent out your room/flat.

  • Visit HousingAnywhere e and read About HA  carefully. 

  • Select Submit a Room and publish your ad.

  • Your flat is online!


For incoming students

If your are going to spend a study period in Trento or Rovereto, you can use www.housinganywhere.com for free: select the city and view all available accommodation possibilities.

You can also publish your ad offering accommodation, if your university is a member of www.housinganywhere.com

partnership.italy [at] housinganywhere.com