The University communication policy aims at promoting the reputation of UniTrento and its features among external users (prospective students, families, public opinion, professors and researchers, stakeholders), at local, national and international level.

Further, the communication activity deals with internal communications, connecting the various elements of the university community (professors and researchers, technical and administrative staff, language experts, PhD and students) to reinforce their sense of belonging to the University.

The activity performed by the communication endorses principles of accuracy of information and simplification of the language, to facilitate a wider access and better understanding of information.

The communication structure directly plans and manages directly all initiatives of large-scope institutional communication and it supports the initiatives of Department/Centres from the organizational and technical points of view.


Communication activities are centrally managed and organized on peripheral offices.

The two structures at central level are:

The University Press Office maintains relationships with local, national and international media outlets - newspapers, TVs, radio stations, press agencies and websites - writing press releases, organizing press conferences and interviews.

At peripheral level, the communication staff of the different areas provides support to the relevant Departments and Centres.

  • The communication staff of the city department provides support to the Departments of Economics and Management, Sociology and Social Research, Humanities, Faculty of Law and the School of International Studies.
    comunicazione-citta [at]
  • The communications staff of the Povo-Mesiano area provides support to the Department CiBio, Departments of Industrial Engineering, Civil, environmental and mechanical engineering, Information Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics .
    comunicazione-collina [at]
  • The communications staff of the Rovereto area provides support Department of Psychology and Cognitive science and of CIMEC - MIND/BRAIN CENTRE.
    comunicazione-rovereto [at]

The main services provided by the communication staff regard the organization of conferences and events, the management of the various websites, the communications for the logistics of buildings.