The logo and its use

The logo of the University of Trento

Article no. 1, paragraph 4 of the Statute of the University of Trento

“The logo of the University of Trento represents Trento’s eagle and the Arabian phoenix, and the text “Athesina Studiorum Universitas”.
Together with the logotype it forms the trademark of the University”.

The main application guidelines of the trademark are defined in the Manual of visual identity. The Manual was last edited in 2003 and it is currently being revised and updated.

The font to be used: the text “University of Trento” (logotype) is FRITZ QUADRATA REGULAR only in the version roman capital. The name of the Departments/Centres is written with the font HELVETICA CONDENSED in the LIGHT and BOLD versions, capital and small letters.

The trademark of the University of Trento is applied in the versions black and white or in the colour version (BLACK:  PANTONE Black 6 UPMS; BLEU: PANTONE 280 U PMS).

Version of the Italian trademark in black and white on two lines or on one line

Version of the English trademark in colour on two lines or on one line

Logo Università di Trento - a colori in versione inglese

Example: Department of Economics and Management in colour, on two lines


The Communication and events office is in charge of the production of institutional communication tool such as: headed paper, envelopes, and business cards. In order to facilitate the email communication, templates in word files are available in the Communication section of the website of the University of Trento - Restricted areas.

Information regarding the release of the University trademark or for particular application situations may be required to comunicazione [at] - contact Georgia Gabrielli (Ph. + 39 0461 283248)