We cooperate with professors to find the most suitable methodologies to meet the various training needs and guarantee that the planned objectives are reached.

We start slowly, granting to the professors the possibility to activate autonomously in their Esse3 restricted area an online “entry level” environment to post notices, teaching materials, essays by the students and messages within simple forums, constantly providing counseling services and the possible duplication of materials used during the previous academic years.

If the professor wishes to implement more structured e-learning projects, focused on the cooperation among professionals and students and the construction of knowledge, we carefully monitor all the designing phases, from the analysis of the needs to the supervision. If necessary, we also provide customized training courses to the actors involved in the project management.  A widely used technological system is Moodle, an open source platform used in the University to meet the needs of the online projects requiring a constructivist approach design, which must be versatile and dynamic, to allow for:

  • a multi-language approach;
  • the management of groups to limit the visibility of contents and activities to specific users;
  • the structuring of activities for the submission and evaluation of the students’ works;
  • the promotion of interaction and of a collaborative working method among students, using the forum, wiki and multimedia glossaries;
  • the construction of databases for the creation, also collaborative, of structured archives of contents;
  • the creation of self-evaluation tests during the course, to monitor the ongoing knowledge acquisition.

Since materials are published, it is necessary to speak of copyright. We are active in an inter-university project dealing with copyright and plagiarism and therefore offer counseling services on copyright to the interested subjects, suggesting the good practices found by the working team.