The Confidential Counsellor, the lawyer  Barbara Giovanna Bello is in charge of the university counselling service, aimed at preventing, managing and solving the issues of mobbing and sexual harassment occurring in the work or study environments brought to her attention.

To this end, she carries out the following duties:

  • Hearing and protection of the presumed victim of such harassment or mobbing, also in relation with possible formal and non-formal conflict solution procedures;
  • Information and training activities, aimed at raising the awareness of the existence of mobbing and sexual harassment cases and the measure to implement to prevent such cases.

The activity of the Confidential Counsellor is marked by independence, privacy and respect of the will of the involved person, targeted at the best strategy to manage and solve difficult situations.

The Confidential Counsellor can be addressed, in order to obtain further information, counselling, support and intervention by all University students and staff (article no. 3 of the Code of Conduct and article no. 7.7 of the Regulation for the prevention and protection of employees against mobbing) when the person believes to have suffered acts or behaviours prejudicial to his/her dignity or causing psychological unease at work, or maybe ascribable to mobbing or sexual harassment.

Please be informed that the Confidential Counsellor meets people individually.  Her intervention is free of charge.

How to contact the Confidential Counsellor

You can contact her to get information or fix an appointment writing an email to: Consiglieradifiducia [at] or calling the phone number 0461-281295 (answering machine). If you wish to be called back, please leave your private phone number (e.g. mobile phone).

Considering the international-oriented nature of the University of Trento Barbara Giovanna Bello is able to meet users in Italian, English or German.

The Confidential Counsellor

The Confidential Counsellor is a figure established at European level, as foreseen in the European Recommendation 92/131, on the  Protection of the dignity of women and men at work, and in the Resolution A3-0043/94 on the  Appointment of a Confidential Counsellor or a Company Counsellor.
On 1 July 2008 the University of Trento released the  Code of Conduct against sexual harassment  and the Regulation for the prevention and protection of employees against mobbing , with the creation of the figure of the Confidential Counsellor.
In order to safeguard the
neutrality, privacy  riservatezza and independence  on the analyzed cases, the Confidential Counsellor will be appointed out of the University.

The current Confidential Counsellor Barbara Giovanna Bello, who has been active for years in the field of the safeguard of human rights, of the European legal norms against discrimination and fostering equal opportunities, in cooperation with various authorities and NGOs, at national and European level. She has also written many articles in these fields.