The Civilian Service is an opportunity given to young people aged between 18 and 28 to concretely participate in the development of civil society. Volunteers offer their energy and enthusiasm and in exchange enrich their background with new experiences and skills, while receiving a small personal allowance.

Calls for projects are launched regularly, and interested people are free to apply. The projects’ length may vary between 3 and 12 months, and cannot be extended.

Applications must be submitted to the organization or body sponsoring the project. Candidates are selected based on an interview, and then involved in the relevant project.

Participants volunteer some 30 hours per week, 5 or 6 days a week.

Benefits for volunteers:

  • a net monthly allowance of 433.80 euro;
  • the opportunity be part of a working environment and to interact with others;
  • hands-on training on civilian service matters and specific skills related to the volunteering project;
  • in kind benefits (university credits, traineeships, paid lunches and so on).

2017 Projects

Includendo: azioni per l'integrazione degli studenti e studentesse BES (Includendo: actions for the integration of students with special educational needs)

Deadline to apply: 31 October 2017.
Project start 1 December 2017

Il servizio placement universitario: avvicinare il mondo del lavoro da un punto di vista diverso (the University placement service: approaching the world of work from a different angle) 

Deadline to apply: 31 October 2017
Project start 1 December 2017

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To participate you must first register with the Servizio civile Universale provinciale. For more information: Servizio Civile Trento

Past calls

  • Il mondo del lavoro: conoscere e gestire i processi di un ufficio di placement universitario (12 months) -  project start: 01.04.2017 (expired)
  • Comunicare il lavoro: creare coinvolgimento attraverso il web e i social media (12 months) - project start 01.04.2017 (expired)
  • Richiedenti asilo: ascoltare, accompagnare e facilitare il percorso accademico (12 months) - project start 01.07.2017 (expired)
  • Verso gli studi universitari. Le iniziative dell'Università di Trento per una scelta consapevole (12 months) - project start 01.10.2017 (expired)
  • Il progetto Sport dell'Università di Trento

Volunteers are supported by a supervisor who is working with them on a given project and is always available to give guidance or advice. The work of volunteers is constantly monitored to match their skills with the task to be performed.

The University of Trento has been a member of the local register (Albo Provinciale) of providers of civil service projects since 2006.

For further information:
Annamaria Larentis
annamaria.larentis [at]
38122 Trento, Via Verdi 6 - tel. 0461/282299