A university that values diversity and inclusivity must consider various dimensions, and one of these is disability. It is increasingly important to promote a culture of diversity, and of disability in particular, that is understood as a characteristic of the human condition that provides shared experience, understanding of others, and reciprocal enrichment. 

Disability is a diverse, and at times complex, set of situations that require structured and wide-ranging responses, including from our University.  Through these responses the University aims to create a more efficient organization and to achieve excellence also in the area of diversity.

The University of Trento is committed to eliminating structural and social barriers within the university to enable people with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of the academic experience. 



In accordance with the principles of equality and diversity, our University is committed to promoting a study environment that values diversity and facilitates the inclusion of all people with disabilities or special needs.

These principles are also expressed in the Code of Ethics and in the three-year Positive Action Plan (PAP) 2017-2019.

The University’s strategic objectives (Strategic Plan 2017-2021) also include reference to the Positive Action Plan.  Together with the UN-IS – University Inclusion and Services – project, aimed at students with disabilities or special needs, the Positive Action Plan represents a means to achieve well-being, to facilitate inclusion, and to value difference.

The University is committed to putting these principles into action, through targeted actions, the identification of reasonable accommodations, the introduction of new measures generated by innovation and research, and particularly through training and awareness raising. 

These actions can contribute not only to improving well-being, but also to creating better workplaces.  To meet its goals, the University has established a network of institutional roles related to inclusion (Rector’s delegate and departmental delegates for disability support, Prorector for Equality and Diversity Policies, Committee for Equal Opportunities), as well as involving the university administration in general, and several offices in particular (Equality and Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Resources and Organization). 

Possible actions include contributions from outside organizations (e.g. associations) and from those who study or work at the University and wish to contribute to achieving the University’s inclusion objectives by offering suggestions or proposals..

The service

To meet the needs of teaching staff, researchers, technical and administrative staff, research fellows and contract staff with disabilities or special needs, the university has established the Staff Inclusion Service/UniTrento. 

The Service welcomes requests and proposals related to disability.

The Service also works to promote and facilitate the participation of University staff with disabilities in events organized by the University.  

The Service is situated in Trento, at via Santa Margherita, 13, and is open every morning from Monday to Friday, 9.30 - 12.30 and on Tuesday afternoons from 14.00 to 16.00.

To access the Service, an appointment is required.  For an appointment please call 0461 281283 or write to: inclusione.personale [at] unitn.it.