Scholarship amount

Starting from the 1st January 2018 the annual gross amount of the doctoral scholarship has increased to € 15.343,28, including the social security contributions that have to be paid by the Doctoral students.
The University of Trento in order to enhance, even economically, those involved in the doctoral path, has decided to increase it up to the gross amount of € 16.290,00 starting from the 1st November 2018 (A.Y. 2018/2019).

It is very important to underline that the increase of the scholarship will have a proportional effect on the related items (= " increase for research activities abroad", equal to 50% of the scholarship; = "budget for the research activity ") and will also have a positive impact on unemployment benefits for PhD students (available from 01/07/2017 by article 7 of Law 22/05 / 2017, No. 81)


Available scholarships are awarded after a comparative evaluation and on the basis of the merit-based ranking of the applicants; all other conditions being equal, the economic situation of the candidate will be considered, abiding by the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic of 9 April 2001.

The PhD scholarship, as per DM 45/2013 (art. 9, paragraph 1), lasts one year and is renewed from year to year (up to 3 or 4 years, depending on the official length of the PhD programme), under condition that the PhD candidate has fulfilled the coursework requirements necessary to be admitted in the subsequent year, as verified by the relevant Doctoral Committee.


It is forbidden to add up scholarships with other grants, except for those awarded by national or foreign institutions for periods spent abroad in order to support the student's research activities.
If a PhD student has already been awarded a PhD scholarship in the past (even for one month only) for a Doctoral programme in Italy, he/she cannot receive a Doctoral scholarship again.

Scholarship payment

Scholarships are normally paid in instalments every two months in advance, except for the instalment of the first two months of the calendar year which is paid by the end of January.

In case of renunciation, suspension, exclusion or forfeiture, the monthly scholarship is paid only for periods equal to or greater than 15 days.

Scholarship renouncement

PhD students waiving their scholarships are required to fill in the relevant form so to communicate their decision to the proper Doctorate Office (see contacts below).

Scholarship increase

Doctoral students are entitled to get a 50% increase of their scholarship when staying abroad for reasons related to their doctoral research and studies. For information see the related webpage.

Opera Universitaria scholarship

Opera Universitaria makes available some scholarships also for doctoral student who have not been assigned a doctoral scholarship. For information about the requirements see the related webpage.