UniTrento libera circolazione

Annual Urban and Suburban Public Transport Pass 2017-2018

From September 1st 2017, all students enrolled on any degree program, masters or doctorate in the academic year 2017-2018 will be able to take part in the libera circolazione initiative and get an annual public transportation pass valid throughout the Province of Trento at a special price.

It will be possible to buy passes at the special price from August 21st 2017. The pass will be valid from September 1st 2017.

The students who would like to take advantage of this service must:

  • be enrolled at UniTrento for the 2017 -2018 academic year before signing up (it is necessary to have an active enrolment in order to sign up);
  • complete the procedure to sign up and active the service: choose between the app for smartphone or the traditional smartcard and pay the € 50 fee. The fee must be paid by all students, even those that are exempt from University fees.

For more information, see the InfoStudenti page

Flixbus Italia

To facilitate student mobility, the University of Trento has signed an agreement with Flixbus Italia based on which the whole community of students will have the opportunity to purchase the company’s bus tickets for a discounted fee.

Flixbus has offered 10,000 3 € voucher codes that every student can redeem and use.

For more information: http://go.flixbus.it/convenzioni/

servizioclienti [at] flixbus.it 
telephone: +39 02 947 59 208