The project's objectives are part of the University's strategic objectives in compliance with the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.

The purpose of Digital University is to turn University data into a valuable asset through governance strategies that ensure quality and facilitate the re-use of available information. This will make it possible to offer multiple digital services to a wide audience, including professors and researchers, students, the university governance, alumni, etc.). These services aim to improve the way in which each university knows itself, presents itself to the world, uses the knowledge it creates, increases its efficiency and transparency, performs self-assessments.

This project promotes a new culture that will lead to a gradual improvement of data quality and a better processing (for example, by ensuring that data are not managed by different systems). It will also value the know-how and wealth of information produced by the universities’ human capital and their scientific outputs.

Another objective of the project is to make assessments and self-assessments more efficient (the research assessment exercise, for example, and the use of analytics to identify weaknesses and strengths), as today they are expensive in terms of time and human resources. In turn, this will speed up and simplify procedures and provide a valuable support to decision-making processes.