UniTrento Knowledge HUB

The University of Trento Knowledge HUB manages information on a variety of objects, including people, publications, courses, projects, dissertations, places. The infographic below shows how information is extracted from raw data sources and then refined and automatically organized in a knowledge graph. The knowledge graph information are re-used by the various services.

How information is processed: from sources to upload to its use

Digital University Services at UniTrento

Digital University: a directory offering information about the university’s departments and centres and its community, including professors, researchers, PhD students, and technical, administrative, and executive staff. The service provides their contact details (email addresses, phone and fax numbers, addresses) and CVs, publications and information on courses, theses, projects. As concerns departments and centres, the service gives an overview and general information on their functioning, governing bodies, and administrative offices.

University dashboard: it is a tool for decision-making support, which provides statistics and graphs that are useful to the University governing bodies to examine University trends, strengths and weaknesses.

Open Data: by implementing the national guidelines for the enhancement of public information assets, the University offers its most representative data in an open format. University data are published in the provincial open data catalog dati.trentino.it in compliance with European and national standards.