The University Inclusion Service deals with a wide range of issues related to disabilities (both temporary and permanent), specific learning disabilities (SLD) and special educational needs (SEN).

Its mission is to ensure that all students fully participate in university life in all its dimensions, so that they can go to classes, do research, access to services and facilities, build relationships with the student community and the faculty.

The Service collaborates with Opera Universitaria (the organization of the Autonomous Province of Trento promoting the right to education), and with the Rector’s Delegate for disability and the delegates of every department and centre.

The Inclusion Service Desk is in via Santa Margherita 13 in Trento and is open on appointment from Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 12.00.

To schedule an appointment call these numbers 0461 282128 or 0461 282299 or write an email to: inclusione [at] unitn.it