An association for project multidisciplinarity

Acropoli was founded by students of the department of Construction engineering/Architecture and is focused on the complexity of the design work, which involves a wide range of disciplines that are essential to create, modify and carry out a project.

When you are building something, big or small, and you want to achieve something good, every discipline counts and plays a fundamental role.

Recognising this complexity, the association understands the importance of cultural contamination between different fields, from civil and environmental engineering to the economic, social and psychological implications of a project.

Acropoli, has therefore been founded to raise awareness among students on the various competences involved in a project and to make them ready to take on the challenges posed by our time.

But Acropoli also speaks about the poetry of architecture in both large cities and single buildings, emphasizing the cultural aspects of architectural projects.

In a technology driven world it is easy to forget about quality as an objective: we believe that students should learn about both technology and quality, to make them coexist in harmony.

The goal of Acropoli is therefore to serve as a valid instrument to support and train students who, thanks to our association, can learn about new research topics, new employment opportunities and new development options in an alternative and innovative way.

Through a series of meetings organized once or twice a month, Acropoli aims to lead students to new discoveries as regards the best career opportunities, both locally and at international level.

To ensure the maximum openness of our association we focus on a wide range of topics and welcome constructive input from deeply different sectors at the local, national and European level: in this way, students get in touch with the cultural diversity that distinguishes professionals with similar roles from different geographic areas.

We organized meetings with guests and lecturers who were enthusiastic about the initiatives we launched.

The topics were agreed with the speakers and include subjects that are of great interest to students, to ensure a good attendance.

More than eighty people attended the first two meetings organized by the association: a promising start that encourages us to make even better.


email: acropolitrento [at]