OWL – Open Wet Lab is a not-for-profit student association whose purpose is to make biology open to all, combining biotechnologies and a hacking philosophy to promote open access to resources and data.

Open Wet Lab is based in Trento where it has been established with support from the University of Trento and MUSE.

Everyone can join the organization by paying a 5-euro registration fee.

Open Wet Lab is also a place where people can meet, discuss research projects and collaborate to implement them, with help from members who for the most part are students and graduates of the University of Trento.

No project is too crazy, the sky is the limit. Seminars and practical scientific activities will be organized periodically to bring people closer to biotechnologies and tear down the wall that separates them from research.

OWL is more than an association, more than a lab: it is a collective. A network of ideas. A philosophy of life (and life sciences).

In Trentino, OWL cooperates with local newspapers like il Dolomiti, Trentino Natura and L'Adige  

We participate in conferences, school meetings and local events like #Latteinfesta, #Melissa and #Pomaria with biology labs open to everyone.


e-mail: info [at] openwetlab.it

Facebook: OWL – Open Wet Lab (https://www.facebook.com/openwetlab/)
Twitter: @openwetlab