The main goal of USE- University Social Enterprise, is to establish connections between the academic world and the sector of not-for-profit organizations.

The founding idea of the association is to enhance the theoretical knowledge acquired by university students in their academic studies, irrespective of what they are studying, by giving them the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice in real-life settings, where they can commit to collaborate with the association and its network from the university years.

The association also aims to create relationships and partnerships with local organizations to design projects and collaborations in which students can test their skills.

In particular, the association may:

  1. Promote, organize and manage congresses, conferences, seminars and training courses, including in collaboration with the University and with other entities both in Italy and/or abroad.
  2. Disseminate information on third sector themes among students, including through co-working workshops that may involve experts from different discipline areas based on the topic discussed.
  3. Promote and organize volunteering programmes, internships, study periods for dissertation writing in the area of social entrepreneurship.
  4. Launch other initiatives that can be useful to achieve its social purpose including, as an example, offering services, consulting services, partnerships and collaborations with other public and private organizations.

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Facebook: @use.trento