The Italian Catholic Federation of University Students – FUCI is a non-political organization open to all those who want play their part in the world with responsibility and a proactive attitude. It serves as a meeting point for those who want to develop their culture with the spirit and the moderate but determined style of Catholicism. The association offers its members the opportunity to meet new people and make friends in a positive environment open to all.

In 2003-2004, Fuci organized two important events in addition to its traditional Tuesday meeting, inviting to Trento Giancarlo Caselli, former state attorney in Palermo, and Roberto Zaccaria, former president of the board of directors of RAI (the Italian public broadcasting service).

FUCI was founded in Rome in 1896, it grew side by side with the university, and today counts over 700 members from all over Italy. As an organization, FUCI is a federation comprising local sections that meet in regional assemblies (for example, the Triveneto assembly); the regional representatives meet with the national governance and other representatives in Rome.

The section of Trento has its offices in via S. Croce 65 and usually meets on Tuesday. The meetings are advertised.