The Student counselling service, jointly offered by the University and Opera Universitaria, aims to provide help and support to students during their studies.

Types of support

Counselling for Italian students participating in international mobility programmes, for students who need psychological support while they are in a foreign country for academic reasons (see the file in the download box).

The Neurodiversity Helpdesk, to facilitate the integration of individuals with atypical neural development, of individuals who have been diagnosed with high functioning autism spectrum disorder or Asperger's disorder, or people who, because of their neurodiversity condition, may need a support.

Groups for anxiety management, to learn the physiological and psychological mechanisms of anxiety and of the thoughts and behaviours associated with it.

Sos Digital, a platform designed to offer psychological support to students and to provide teaching and the technical-administrative staff with basic strategies to deal with emergency situations in the most appropriate and effective way possible.

Vieni come sei - Come as you are: a gender identity and sexual orientation counselling service for students who need information and counselling, where they can receive professional advice and support.

The Student counselling service is also the right place to submit ideas for student activities, to encourage human relations in the student community and enhance university life (through seminars and group work).

Who is it for?

The service is open to all UniTrento students.

What does the service offer?

  • One to one counselling with a psychologist on problems that students are having during their studies, including if they are participating in exchange programmes abroad
  • Group meetings to discuss the students’ difficulties, their motivations and university life (anxiety, interpersonal relations, problems with roommates etc.)
  • Seminars on psychological issues

Where do the meetings take place? 

Meetings take place at the School of Innovation in Trento (via Tommaso Gar 16/2 - 38122) and at the Observation Diagnosis and Training Lab in Rovereto (via Matteo del Ben 5/B - 38068).
The meetings can take place online for students who are studying abroad.

Contact us

For information:

  • email to consulenzapsicologica.studenti [at]
  • call 0464-808116, from Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 17.30; you can leave a message out of office hours

Ask For Help:

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