About the data only SIM card

The University of Trento is making available data only SIM cards to its students to attend online classes. The SIM card may not be used by third parties or for other purposes. This is a data only SIM card, and therefore cannot be used to receive or make phone calls or to send or receive text messages.

The SIM card is operated by Telecom Italia (TIM) and the service is available in Italy and in the European Economic Area (EEA), not available in non-EU countries.

The SIM is a business SIM card with 100GB of data per month. Once you have used all your data allowance for the month you will be disconnected until the following month. You cannot top up this SIM card. In short:

  • Data only SIM card (you won't be able to make calls)
  • plan includes 100 GB of data per month
  • Italy and European Economic Area (EEA)
  • TIM 4G LTE mobile network
  • Expiration date: 30 September 2021
  • Card is free of charge for students

Eligible students

The service is available to UniTrento students who, in the Academic Year 2020/21:

  • are enrolled in graduate and undergraduate programmes (including degrees regulated by ministerial decree 509/99) with a "ISEE Università" (financial situation index) below 87,000.00 euro; or who are non-EU nationals with no "ISEE";
  • are enrolled in a PhD programme.

How to obtain the SIM card

Students should follow these three steps:

  1. SIM card request (online application)
  2. SIM card reception (home address)
  3. SIM card activation (online application)

Applications to receive the SIM card can be submitted from 1 December 2020 at the links below:

Please provide the address where you would like to receive the SIM card. It does not have to be your home address, but please be careful when filling out this part You will not receive the SIM card if the address is wrong or incomplete. SIM cards are only sent to Italian addresses. 

Once you have received the SIM cars, you will have to activate it. To do it, fill out the online application to inform TIM, via UniTrento, that you have received the SIM card and the you accept the conditions of use. 

It will take about 4 weeks to complete the activation procedure from the day you submit your request.

The SIM card is personal and cannot be given to third parties.

The SIM card will stay active until 30 September 2021. After this date, it will be automatically disabled. You will not be charged and you do not have to return it to UniTrento.

You cannot top up this SIM card.

At the end of your studies, you will only be able to use the SIM card to communicate with UniTrento. The card will be disabled within 30-60 days of your graduation. You may not receive any notification.

Further information

Where is the ICCID (serial number) of the SIM card?

The ICCID is a 19-digit serial number the phone service providers use to identify SIM cards. It is on the back of the SIM card or on the back of its plastic frame.

Where do I find the phone number provided with my data SIM card?

You can find it on the back of the plastic frame of the SIM card or on its plastic wrap.

Where are the PIN (Personal Identification Number) and the PUK (Personal Unblocking Code) of my SIM card?

The PIN and PUK are on the back of the plastic frame of the SIM card, below the silver band. These codes are personal. If you lose them, you will not be able to retrieve them.

Can I see my data usage?


I have used all my data allowance. What happens now? Will I be charged an extra fee?

You have a monthly data allowance. Once you have used all your data allowance for the month you will be disconnected until the following month. You cannot top up this SIM card. In any case, you will not be charged any other fee.

I have used all my data allowance for the month. Can I buy more data?


How can I check TIM mobile coverage in my area?

Visit the TIM Business website to learn about coverage in your area.

Can I use the data SIM card provided by UniTrento to send or receive phone calls?


Can I use my SIM card abroad?

Yes, but only within the European Economic Area (EEA): Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Croatia; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Martinique; Guadalupe; Saint Martin; French Guyana La Réunion Mayotte; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Ireland; Iceland; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Norway; the Netherlands; Poland; Portugal (including Madeira and Azores); United Kingdom; Czech Republic; Republic of Slovakia; Romania; Slovenia; Spain (including Canary Islands); Sweden; Hungary.

How do I manage my data roaming settings?

Roaming in the EEA is included. Check the data roaming settings on your device.


I have received the SIM card but it does not work. What should I do?

Contact the Service Desk (log in using your @unitrento credentials) by filling out the online form.

What should I do if my SIM card is lost or stolen?

If your SIM card gets lost or stolen, you are required to report it to competent authorities. The report must clearly include your phone number and the SIM's ICCID. A copy of the report must be forwarded as soon as possible to the University by email to: simstudenti.help [at] unitn.it

Upon receipt of the report, the University will contact TIM to block the SIM card.

I have found the SIM card I had reported stolen. How do I activate it?

The SIM card cannot be reactivated.

I am having issues with my SIM card: who should I contact?

Before activating your SIM card, read the guidelines and follow the instructions you received when you applied for it and which you can find on the University website in the Student deals and discounts page.

If you need help, log in and fill out the help form.

The staff can help you with issues regarding the SIM card and cannot help you with issues related to your personal computer, notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc. or to the use of apps via your mobile connection.