What do researchers do? How is their daily routine? And what does it mean, in real terms, to do research in material chemistry, theoretical physics and literary history? What are the instruments of researchers and who do they work with? What methods, studies, stories are hidden behind the term 'research'?
We met with some researchers of our Departments and Centres to tell about their day-to-day work, the questions they are trying to answer, their relationship with the production of knowledge.

This work is part of a wider research project called CLaSTer - Come Lavora la Scienza. A dialogue between the University and its region, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento (STAR grant) and led by Ilaria Ampollini (Department of Sociology and Social Research) as Principal Investigator.


concept and project development: Ilaria Ampollini
filming and video editing: Origami Videography
music by Carlo Nardi