Erasmus+ is the result of the integration of the previous EU programmes in the fields of education, training, youth and sport (LLP, youth in action, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Adulink, and the cooperation programme with industrialized countries). The programme runs from the 1st January 2014 to the 31st December 2020. It gives opportunities to students, trainees and staff to spend a period abroad to increase their skills and employability. It supports organisations to work in transnational partnership and to share innovative practices in the fields of education, training and youth.  Erasmus+ also includes a strong international dimension (i.e. cooperation with Partner Countries) notably in the field of higher education, which opens the programme to institutional cooperation and mobility of young people and staff worldwide. 

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KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals - Mobility of learners and staff between Programme Countries

The Programme Countries are currently: European Union member states, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Serbia starting from a.y. 2019/2020.

Mobility of learners and staff between Programme countries a.y. 2020/2021

Duration: 2020-2021 (28 months)
Coordinator: Università degli studi di Trento
Host Institutions: 332 partner institutions in 30 countries
Short description: The project offers mobility opportunities between Institutions located in programme Countries to students, academic and non-academic staff for study, research, teaching and training purposes.
Mobility foreseen: 700 students for study, 150 students or recent graduates for traineeship, 35 teaching staff mobilities, 25 staff training mobilities

Learning Mobility of Individuals ICM

Mobility of learners and staff between Programme and Partner countries a.y. 2020

Includes 10 Countries: Albania, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Kossovo, Tunisia, Federazione Russa, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Sud Africa, Giappone 

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Duration: 2020-2023
Coordinator: Università degli studi di Trento
Host Institutions: 

  • Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania)
  • University of Sarajevo (Bosnia-Erzegovina)
  • University of Pristina (Kossovo)
  • University of Carthage (Tunisia)
  • Tunis El Manar (Tunisia)
  • Polzunov Altai State Technical University (Russian Federation)
  • ​HSE St. Petersbrug (Russian Federation)
  • Ufa State Aviation Technical University (Russian Federation)
  • North Caucasus Federal University (Russian Federation)
  • Asian University for Women (Bangladesh)
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Viet Nam)
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Viet Nam)
  • University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (Viet Nam)
  • Academy of Science and Technology (Viet Nam)
  • Hanoi University (Viet Nam)
  • Amrita University, Coimbatore (India)
  • ​Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
  • Nagasaki University (Japan)
  • Tokyo University (Japan)
  • Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan)

Short description: The project offers mobility opportunities between Institutions located in extra EU programme Countries to students, academic and non-academic staff for study, research, teaching and training purposes.
Mobility foreseen: incoming: 92 students, 39 staff mobilty for teaching, 18 administrative staff and 2 staff for training. Outgoing: 29 staff for teaching and 7 administrative staff mobility


KA1 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) are a prestigious, integrated, international study programme, jointly delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions. Students at Master's level from all over the world can apply.

IMSISS - International Master in Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies

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Duration: 2019-2025
Coordinator: University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

  • University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  • Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy)
  • Charles University in Prague (Czech republic)
  • Dublin City University (Ireland)

UniTrento Departments/Centres:​ School of International Studies

Short description: Students on this master’s degree programme will examine a broad range of contemporary security challenges, such as terrorism, civil war and conflict, mass migration, energy supply security, cybersecurity, and new technologies, and transnational and serious organised crime. Students will also explore the intelligence and strategic approaches used by governmental and non-governmental actors to combat these threats. The degree adopts a unique approach to the study of security by combining theoretical, applied and empirical knowledge and skill sets. Students will have the opportunity to meet with and work alongside a range of academics and researchers from international partner universities and think tanks from around the world, as well as practitioner experts from governmental and industry security and defence sectors. Students on IMSISS will study across Europe in at least 3 cities and universities. They have the opportunity to undertake short study visits to other universities and can apply for work-based learning placements as part of the independent study semester. 

LCT - European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies

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Duration: 2019-2025
Coordinator: Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)

  • Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)
  • Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy)
  • Università di Lorraine (France)
  • Università di Groningen (The Netherlands)
  • Charles University Prague (Czech Republic)
  • University of Malta (Malta)
  • University of Basque Country (Spain)

UniTrento Departments/Centres: CIMEC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
Short description: The European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT) is designed to meet the demands of industry and research in the rapidly growing area of Language and Communication Technologies. It offers education and training opportunities for the next generation of leaders in research and innovation. It provides students with profound knowledge and insight into the various disciplines that contribute to the methods of language and communication technologies and it strengthens their ability to work according to scientific methods. Moreover, the students also acquire practice-oriented knowledge by choosing appropriate combinations of modules in language technology, computational linguistics and computer science. 

ME3+ European Joint Masters in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy +

Project website

Duration: 2020-2026
Coordinator: Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique (France)

  • Institut Mines Telecom Atlantique (France)
  • Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy)
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economic, Hungary
  • University of Borås, Sweden
  • Libera Università di Bolzano, Italy

UniTrento Departments/Centres: Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
Short description: ME3+ programme is an integrated and innovative programme combining Energy and Environmental Process Engineering together with Management and Social Sciences, and integrating the information and communication technology (ICT) for a 2-years full programme (120 ECTS).

KA2 European Universities

ECIU University

Duration: 2019-2022
Coordinator: University of Twente

  • University of Trento (Italy)
  • Aalborg University (Denmark)
  • Dublin City University (Ireland)
  • Hamburg University of Technology (Germany)
  • Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
  • Linköping University (Sweden)
  • Tampere University (Finland)
  • University of Aveiro (Purtugal)
  • University of Stavanger (Norway)
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education

IREEDER - Introducing Recent Electrical Engineering Developments into Engineering undergraduate curriculum

Project website

Duration: 2019-2022
Coordinator: Al-Hussein Bin Talal University (Jordan)

  • Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan
  • Universita degli Studi di Trento, Italy
  • Mutah University, Jordan
  • Isra University, Jordan
  • Tafila Technical University, Jordan
  • Philadelphia University, Jordan
  • Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal
  • University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Universidade De Vigo, Spain
  • University of Patras, Greece

​​UniTrento Departments/Centres: Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
Short description:  The main objective of the  project is to improve the capacities of high quality education, using state of art technology and training staff on improving the quality of the courses taught by making best use of these technologies. The developed courses will be oriented to the recent technologies in electrical engineering including internet of things, cyber security and renewable energy and energy efficiency in addition to their different applications. All these courses will be in accordance with Bologna requirements.

KA2 Strategic Partnerships

BRANDY- Experiential education. Interactive/Intensive course of european brand management 

Duration: 2020-2023
Coordinator: University of Economics in Katowice

  • Universite Savoie Mont Blanc (France),
  • Budapesti Gazdasagi Egyetem (Hungary),
  • Universitatea Din Bucuresti (Romania),
  • Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Russian Federation),
  • Fundacion Universitaria San Pablo-Ceu - Universidad Ceu Cardenal Herrera (Spain),
  • Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Howest (Belgium),
  • Universidad De Leon (Spain),
  • Universita Degli Studi Di Trento (Italy),
  • Haute Ecole Specialisee De Suisse Occidentale (Switzerland),
  • Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar (Germany)

UniTrento Departments/Centres: DEM
Short description: The consortium will design, test and implement a new concept of experiential intensive course in the field of global brand management. Our main specifications define the educational system to be gamified, competitive and interactive. The course can be sized for a group of approximatively 50-60 international students and 8-10 educators. The targeted students are in the end of their bachelor studies or at the beginning of Masters’ studies.

ABRA- Artificial Biology, Robotics and Art 

Duration: 2020-2023
Coordinator: Aalborg Universitet 

  • Institute of Advanced Design Studies Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Hungary),
  • Aalto Korkeakoulusaatio Sr (Finland),
  • Università degli studi di Trento (Italy)

UniTrento Departments/Centres: CIBIO
Short description: ABRA is a project with a strong emphasis on developing competencies for the future of work-life. Our project aim is two-fold:
Firstly, to address innovation and renewal of the educational initiatives by developing transdisciplinary higher education methods in the arts and sciences, specialising in the fields of artificial biology, robotics, art and design. Secondly, to introduce sustainable procedures and actions within our focus fields through transdisciplinary education development.
The developed higher education methods in this project will be compiled in a handbook “Best Practices in transdisciplinary higher education”.


KA3 Support for policy reform

OpenU - Online Pedagogical Resources for European Universities

Duration: 2019-2022
Coordinator: Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France)

  • Università degli studi di Trento (Italy)
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
  • KU Leuven (The Netherlands)
  • Università di Bologna (Italy)
  • Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)
  • Université Rennes 1 (France)
  • Aalto (Finland)
  • UP Madrid (Spain)
  • European Universities Foundation
  • European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

Jean Monnet

EU-FLAG - EU-Food Law And Globalization (Chair)

Duration: 01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023 
Coordinator: Università degli Studi di Trento

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PWOC Politics Without a Centre: The EU as Problem or Solution? (Module)

Duration: 1.09.2020 - 31.08.2023 
Coordinator: Università degli Studi di Trento

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GeoEUro - Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Geopolitics of Greater EUrasia

Duration: 1.10.2020 - 30.09.2023
Coordinator: Università degli Studi di Trento

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MoSE - Enhancing European Citizenship. Towards a More Social Europe (Project)

Duration: 17.09.2020 - 18.02.2023 (extended)
Coordinator: Università degli Studi di Trento

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