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Evaluation and admission to second and third year

Admission to the 2nd year of the PhD Programme is subject to the evaluation made by the Programme Board, of PhD students final verifications of the courses taken and of their performance in the context of the educational activities planned for the 1st year. In addition, the Programme Board certify, on the basis of the reports provided by the supervisor and co-supervisor(s) and by the PhD student himself/herself, the achievement of the scientific and didactic objectives on the specific topics of the PhD student activity.

For the admission to the 3rd year, the PhD student is required to publicly present in front of the appointed Committee the partial scientific results achieved. The Committee shall provide a written judgment concerning the quality of the exposition (with special attention to the achieved level of English proficiency) and the scientific maturity demonstrated by the PhD student.

The Programme Board, having seen the written reports, by the supervisor and the PhD student himself/herself, and taking into account the judgment of the Committee, makes its decision on the admission of the PhD student to the 3rd year.

The supervisor is required to verify the PhD student's attendance to the courses and research activities and to promptly notify the Programme Board of any problems. Upon suggestion of the supervisor, the Programme Board may check the performance of the PhD student at any stage.