PhD programmes - Science and Technology


The educational path of each PhD student enrolled in the National PhD Programme in Space Science and Technology includes the participation in at least 70 % of the scientific seminars organized on the basis of yearly planning by Universities and/or affiliated Research Institutions and specifically addressed to the students enrolled in the PhD Programme and to which the PhD students are invited, including when they address topics other than the PhD student's research topics.

The Seminar offer includes:

  • General/Interdisciplinary Seminars: organised by each curriculum and of general content, as such as to be attended by all enrolled PhD students, irrespective of the curriculum they belong to;
  • Content Specific Seminars:¬†organised by each curriculum and having a specialised content, addressed to PhD Students belonging to the specific curriculum.

For each of the 7 Curricula, the organisation is envisaged:

  • within the three-year period, of one General/Interdisciplinary Seminar¬†
  • for each academic year, of three Content Specific Seminars¬†

Each enrolled PhD student will be required to attend, during the three-year period, all the seven General/Interdisciplinary Seminars offered by the seven Curricula and at least six Content Specific Seminars, to be chosen among those offered by the Curriculum to which he/she belongs.

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