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Research Stays abroad, Incoming and Outgoing Mobility, PhD Co-tutelle, Joint supervision of PhD Thesis and other opportunities

The University promotes the internationalisation of the PhD programme by developing collaborations with foreign Universities and Research centres, as well as via participation in international research projects and programmes.

Research stays abroad

The PhD Programme provides for a compulsory six months stays abroad period at another Higher Education Institution or Research Organisation.

Incoming and Outgoing Mobility

Mobility framework agreements with foreign Higher Education Institutions cover the mobility of PhD students, in order to:

  • facilitating the PhD students' mobilities at the partner Higher Education Institutions;
  • developing joint research projects;
  • creating networks of scientific cooperation.

Co-tutelle Programme

The co-tutelle programme is a type of internationalization specifically aimed at PhD students, and leads to the issuing of a double doctoral degree which is valid in two different countries.
The co-tutelle programme requires an alternate and approximately equivalent research period at the University of Trento and the host university.
The "cotutelle thesis", written under the supervision of two supervisors, is defended in a single disputation at the Home or Host Institution.

Joint supervision of PhD thesis

The thesis joint supervision implies the participation of an additional professor of an academic or research institution (Italian or international), who is external to the Doctoral Committee.

Differently than the co-tutelle de thesis, mandatory periods abroad or the award of a double certificate are not foreseen.

Other opportunities

Doctor Europaeus

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