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SEQS - Workshop on the Science of experiential and qualitative spaces - Surfaces

Workshop on Science of Experiential and Qualitative Spaces - SEQS

The intention of this series of workshops is to open a forum for the development of a science of qualitative phenomena in perception and mind. Four primary topics of interest are:

  • the identification of the domain and limits of current approaches to understanding perceptual experience;
  • the development of new descriptive and explicative theories of perceptual appearance and content in various sensory domains;
  • the development of methodologies for the quantitative measurement of qualitative phenomena, with the aim of establishing meaningful linkages to psychophysics and neurophysiology;
  • the exploration of theimplications of such a science for artificial agents, design and virtual reality.

Surfaces - Second Edition of SEQS

Surfaces are the film-envelope of the seen objects: the transparent interface of natural and manmade 3D environments that surround us. Surfaces can appear flat, voluminous, matte, glowing, wrinkled, smooth, retracing, protruding, occluding other surfaces, and convey haptic and harmonious/disharmonious perceptions. Surfaces can be made of void and out of void, for example, in architecture. Essentially, surfaces are entities construed by the human or animal perceiver to give meaning to the external world.

This second workshop of the series addresses the question of the phenomenological/psychological experience of surfaces in human and animal observers, their multifarious appearances in materials as diverse as gold and marble, their perceived 3-dimensionality and their perceived aesthetic value. Researchers from a variety of fields including human vision, animal psychology, mathematics and architecture will discuss the diverse ways in which surfaces appear in the visual field, and identify the conditions of the appearances of what is the most basic primitives of the visual space.

The workshop will run from December 2nd to December 3rd 2014. Please register upon arrival on Tuesday 2nd at 8.30 in Rovereto, Palazzo Fedrigotti, Corso Bettini 31.

Invited speakers

  • Osvaldo Da Pos - Colour Determinants of Surface Stratification
    University of Padua, Italy
  • Gabor Domokos - Natural Numbers, Natural Shapes
    Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
  • Jan J. Koenderink - Skin Deep Only
    KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Joe Lappin - Information in Surfaces
    Vanderbilt University, USA
  • Laurence T. Maloney - Perception of Surface Color and Illumination in Three-Dimensional Virtual Scenes
    New York University, USA
  • Daniel G. Osorio - Cuttlefish Camouflage: Seeing and Making Surfaces
    University of Sussex, UK

The abstracts of the speaker are available here.

Scientific Committee

  • Liliana Albertazzi
    CIMeC & Department of Humanities - University of Trento, Italy
  • Fulvio Domini
    Brown University, USA & Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
  • Jan J. Koenderink
    KU Leuven, The Netherlands
  • Gert van Tonder
    Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Dhanraj Vishwanath
    University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK


  • Liliana Albertazzi
    CIMeC, University of Trento, Italy

When and where

The workshop will run from December 2nd  to December 3rd  2014.
Please register upon arrival on Tuesday 2nd at 8.30 in Rovereto, Palazzo Fedrigotti, Corso Bettini 31.


The programme is available here.

The poster session programme will be available soon.


For further information send a mail to Liliana Albertazzi


Submission for poster presentations has been postponed to November 10, 2014

Registrations are open!



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