Ken Binmore is Emeritus Professor at University College London He is the author of Game Theory and the Social Contract, Volume 1: Playing Fair (MIT Press, 1994) and Volume 2: Just Playing (MIT Press, 1998), and the coeditor of Frontiers of Game Theory (MIT Press, 1993). Among his recent publications: “Evolution of Focal Points”, Games and Economic Behavior 55 (2006) (with L.Samuelson); “Economic Man—or Straw Man? A Commentary on Henrich et al”, Behavioral andBrain Science 28 (2006);  Natural Justice (Oxford University Press, 2005), Playing for Real (Oxford University Press ,2007), Does Game Theory Work? The Bargaining Challenge (MIT Press, 2007), A Very Short Introduction to Game Theory (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Martin Dufwenberg
is Karl & Stevie Eller Professor of Economics, and director of the Institute of Behavioral Economics and of the Economic Science Laboratory at the University of Arizona. Some of his recent publications are: “A Theory of Sequential Reciprocity (with Georg Kirchsteiger) (Games & Economic Behavior , 2004), “Promises & Partnership” (with Gary Charness) (Econometrica , 2006), Guilt in Games (with Pierpaolo Battigalli) (American Economic Review, 2007),  “Dynamic Psychological Games (with Pierpaolo Battigalli) (forthcoming, Journal of Economic Theory).

Tore Ellingsen
is Professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. Among his recent publications: “Does Impartial Deliberation Breed Fair Behavior?” (with M. Johannesson) (Rationality and Societ, 2005), "Paying Respect," (with M. Johannesson) ( Journal of Economic Perspectives, forthcoming). "Pride and Prejudice: The Human Side of Incentive Theory" (with M. Johannesson), (American Economic Review, forthcoming), "Commitment and Conflict in Bilateral Bargaining," (with T. Miettinen) (American Economic Review, forthcoming).

Shaun Hargreaves Heap is Professor of Economics at University of East Anglia.Some of his publications are: (with M. Hollis, B. Lyons, R. Sugden and A. Weale) The Theory of Choice. A Critical Guide (Blackwell Publishers, 1992); “Some experimental evidence on the evolution of discrimination, cooperation and the perception of fairness”(with Y. Varoufakis)  (Economic Journal, 2002); Game Theory: A Critical Introduction, (with Y. Varoufakis) (Routledge 2004), “The Economy of esteem: a review essay”, (New Political Economy, forthcoming), The Value of Groups", (with D.J. Zizzo) (Americian Economic Review, forthcoming).

Lorenzo Sacconi  is professor of economics and Unicredit Chair in economic ethics and corporate social responsibility at the Department of Economics of the University of Trento, where he leads the LaSER - Laboratory of research in Social responsibility, Ethics and Rationality. He is also director of EconomEtica, the interuniversity centre for economic ethics and corporate social responsibility joining over 20 Italian Universities. Some of his recent publications are: Sacconi L., “A Social Contract Account For CSR as an Extended Model of Corporate Governance; Part (I): Rational Bargaining and Justification” (Journal of business ethics, 2006);  "A Social Contract Account for CSR as Extended Model of Corporate Governance (II): Compliance, Reputation and Reciprocity" (Journal of business ethics, 2007; with S. Moretti “A Fuzzy Logic and Default Reasoning Model of Social Norms and Equilibrium Selection in Games under Unforeseen Contingencies” (Int. Journal of uncertainty, fuzziness and knowledge based systems, 2008); “The Social Contract of the Firm: Economics, Ethics and Organisation” (Springer, 2000).