Qualities in Perception Science - ESF Exploratory Workshop

Nitrito in velocità - Neigh in velocity
Collezione privata - Rovereto, Futurism Centennial

The focus of the ESF Exploratory Workshop scheme is to explore emerging ideas within the field and open up new strategic directions in research that will have potentially significant impact on new developments in the science. The workshops are intended to be small, intensive, interactive and output-oriented gatherings. Ample time is allotted for discussion, and expect the meeting to generate new collaborative connections for the future, and concrete plans for follow-up research activities, including the potential to develop a major EuroCores research initiative.
Invited speakers have been selected on the basis of potential or known interest in the topic of the workshop. Presentations range from analysis of existing research, new theoretical proposals, or even contradictory viewpoints. The main goal of the presentations will be to provide perspectives and analysis on the core theme from the viewpoint of the speaker’s expertise, with the goal of generating new ideas and vigorous discussions.


The EFS exploratory workshops are not open to the public.

Gli ESF exploratory workshops non sono aperti al pubblico.



The event of 6th November "The Genius of the Artist. Aesthetics and Science" is open to the public.

L'evento del 6 Novembre "The Genius of the Artist. Aesthetics and Science" è aperto al pubblico.